Governance, economy

and citizenry

This Group centers on modes of regulation and governance, encompassing the state and the rule of law, markets and collective action, against the background of Europeanization and globalization. It is assumed that new modes of public and private regulation are increasingly relevant, both formal, including soft law, and informal, based on cooperation, self-regulation and social action. Under scrutiny are inter alia environmental and public health risks, ICT, financial markets, social policies.

GEC also provides a framework for research on science communication and public engagement, and on the social responsibility of science and research institutions, all increasingly asked to participate in regulatory processes.

Relying upon inputs from economics, jurisprudence, sociology, architecture, and computer science, the Group’s thematic lines follow up from this backdrop, sustained by work developed under several projects.


Maria Eduarda Gonçalves

Ana Costa

Thematic Lines:

3.1. Human Rights, Markets and Governance Challenges;

3.2. Reflexivity, Communication and Social Responsibility of Science.


Recent publications

The Centrality of Work: A Foundation for Political Economy
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): the importance of human capital
Internal devaluation and economic inequality in Portugal: challenges to industrial relations in times of crisis and recovery
Public-private partnerships in the water sector: A review
Going for Silver-Senior Consumers’ Reviews of Medical Tourism
Drivers of and Barriers to the SME Internationalisation Process in a Small Open Economy
Ensaios sobre Ciência, Cultura e Política Científica
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