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Frederico Pinheiro

Assistant Researcher

research interests

Aviation, Transports, Airlines, Public Policies, Political Economy, Media and Journalism

Short Bio

Frederico Pinheiro is an esteemed academic and professional specializing in Economics, Public Policies, and Communication Sciences. With a Master's degree in Economics and Public Policies, he demonstrates a strong educational foundation. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Economy, Frederico Pinheiro is dedicated to advancing knowledge in interdisciplinary approaches that explore the intersections of economics, public policies, and communication.


As an Assistant Researcher at DINÂMIA'CET Center for Studies on Socioeconomic Change and Territory, Frederico Pinheiro contributes to the academic community, focusing on socio-economic transformations and policy impacts. Additionally, he serves as a journalist at Rádio e Televisão de Portugal SA, where he bridges theory and practice, providing valuable insights in economics and communication.


In summary, Frederico Pinheiro is an accomplished academic and professional in Economics, Public Policies, and Communication Sciences. Through his ongoing research and journalistic endeavors, he plays a role in advancing knowledge and providing valuable insights in these fields.

Current projects

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