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Inforest – Centro de Investigação e Inovação em “Matérias-primas florestais não-lenhosas”

Research Group

Website: n.a.



Proposal to create an InForest Co-location Center, which integrates education, research and innovation and entrepreneurship activities, with the following objectives:1. Characterization of the forest row in Portugal, highlighting the cork oak tree including the mapping of stakeholders throughout the value chain; 2. Perception of the value of forests and forest raw materials in economic, social and environmental terms and practices associated with sustainable management and enhancement of the quality of non-wood forest raw materials (eg cork and resin) increased certification; 3. Mapping the 'innovation ecosystem' of the sector in order to identify the opportunity and development of entrepreneurial projects throughout the value chain; 4. Survey of areas not covered by research and vocational training related to the enhancement of the quality of non-wood forest raw materials, in particular production, extraction and technologies for processing cork; 5. Identification of ways to promote associativism, information gathering and coordination of stakeholders present throughout the value chain including the articulation and development of partnerships with entities related to design, architecture and other activities of an artistic and creative nature; 6. Market study for the creation of graduate and postgraduate education products and vocational training (formal and informal) on forest and forest raw materials; 7. Proposal to develop ways of disseminating knowledge about the forest and the cork oak forest through initiatives aimed at the school system (primary and secondary schools) and society in general; 8. Preparation of application to the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) (European Institute of Technology (EIT), 2014).

Period: 2014 - 2014

Funding Institution: FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

Coordination: n.a.

DINÂMIA'CET-IUL Team: Maria de Fátima Ferreiro, Pedro Oliveira, Daniel Lobo (BI)

External Team: Helena Pereira, Luís Martins, Maria da Conceição Silva, Miguel Bugalho, Nuno Calado, Susana Marreiros (Bolseiro de Investigação)




Updated: 02/02/2018


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