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DGARTES - Follow-up study of Artistic Structures supported by DGArtes

Research Group

Website: n.a



Contribute to the production of regular results on the organization and work of artistic structures, improve the ex ante tools for policy evaluation and better inform decisions. The aim is to: - Analyze the functioning of the creative structures supported by DGArtes, their dynamics of artistic work, their logics of organization and the distribution and territorial impact of their activity; - Regularly monitor all information on structures in order to provide ongoing feedback to stakeholders and the general public (by promoting the accountability of DGArtes activity); - Promote an informed reflection on the design of public policies (equating and discussing possible criteria to be adopted for the logics of public funding to the artistic sector).

Period: 2013 - 2015

Funding Institution: DGArtes

Coordination: Vera Borges

External Team: Tiago Lima




Updated: 31/01/2018


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