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Re-Theorizing Housing workshop

The first event from “COST Action MCMH-EU” takes place between 27th to 30th of November, at Haifa-Israel, in collaboration with Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Researchers from 30 different countries, participating in the Action, are going to Haifa.

“Re-Theorizing Housing” will discuss the research carried by MCMH-EU Action Participants and the local IIAS Research Group through different activities, including working seminars, workshops, keynote lectures and Action meetings.

The event starts with greetings from Yasha Grobman, from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, and a keynote lecture “Modern Architectures and the Zionist Project”, held by Alona Nitzan-Shiftan. This is followed by two workshops, “Words of Housing: Terms for an Architectural Manifesto”, held by IIAS Research Fellows. The day closes with a keynote lecture by Yael Allweil: “Why Housing? Israel - Palestine as a Housing Enterprise”.

On Thursday, Sandra Parvu opens the day with a keynote lecture “Housing is not Architecture! Debates within the French Administration and their Consequences on Building.” Later, the workshop “Housing is an Empty Word. Talking to Yona Friedman” is held by Jesse Lockard. MCMH-EU Seminar starts after lunch, presenting case studies from Italy, Spain, North Macedonia, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, France and Hungary. Then, a tour and lecture “Housing: Between Object & Field” is led by Gaby Schwartz.

On Friday, Ofer Rossmann and Rony Avitzour, from XS Studio, give a keynote lecture “eXtra Small Talk: Lexicon for Designing Dwelling”. This is followed by MCMH-EU WG Meetings in Parallel Sessions. In the afternoon, a CG Meeting from MCMH-EU takes place.

The last day of the event starts with a concluding roundtable, composed by the keynote speakers, MCMH-EU Members and IIAS Research Fellows. After that, the 2nd MC Meeting from MCMH-EU takes place, followed by a WG meeting. In the afternoon, a Field Trip coordinated by Tzafrir Fainholtz closes the event.

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