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Call for papers

European Conference on the Impact of AI and Robotics (ECIAIR)

The European Conference on the Impact of AI and Robotics (ECIAIR) aims to develop into a key forum where natural scientists, social scientists and practitioners come together to envision the future of society in the context of advanced AI and Robotics. We also welcome contributions from philosophers reflecting on the ethical dimension of AI and the balance between science and conscience. Contributions to the conference may be empirical or theoretical. Case histories and critical theory papers will be considered. Proposals for Round Table discussions and Workshops are also invited. This conference has been established to address these and other pertinent topics and is intended to become a leading event for those researching and working in the field from around the world.

All Papers accepted for ECIAIR after the double-blind peer review process will be published in the conference proceedings, subject to author registration and payment.  The Proceedings is a published book with an ISBN and ISSN. Please see the ECIAIR important dates below.

Key Topics

  • The consequences of AI and robotics on work and society

  • The governance of AI and AI in governance

  • The future of the professions

  • Enabling knowledge networks with cognitive computing and other technologies

  • Ethical and acceptable social behaviours

  • Organisational and social impact of AI

  • How can AI explain its thinking?

  • Legal services

  • Algorithmic bias in AI

  • Quantum AI

  • Sectorial applications of AI including:

  • Fintech and the financial services industry

  • Life sciences and healthcare

  • Utilities and transport management services

  • In the development of Smart-cities

  • In government

  • In education and training

  • In gaming

  • In scientific research

  • In healthcare

  • In marketing

  • Collaborative robots and human-robot interaction

  • Roboethics

  • Exploiting robotics in educational praxis

  • Society 5.0

We would also welcome applications of AI to solving some of the World’s global challenges such as to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in growing urban environments around the world; to help civilisation migrate from hydrocarbons to non-fossil sources of energy and other activities to mitigate the climate crisis; to contribute to the continued eradication of extreme poverty in the World.

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