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public policies on collective housing training school

Atualizado: 19 de fev. de 2020

MCMH- EU COST Action is promoting the first Training School on public housing policies for rehousing: Development, valuation and future. Madrid as a paradigm


Registrations until: 27th February

  1. The general objective of the Training School is to learn about the public policies on collective housing applied in Madrid in the second half of the 20th century and to evaluate their social, urban and political suitability by analysing unique cases from different periods.

  2. Within the framework of COST Action 18137, it is expected that the results of the Training school would provide data and analysis that would allow:

  3. To examine if public policies on collective housing have been suitable instruments for the configuration and consolidation of the middle class, characterized, among other criteria, by the provision (possession) of decent housing.To know the current problems of these groups –therefore, the policies that supported them – and, if necessary, to redefine possible intervention strategies.

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