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Exhibition "Social enterprises and social innovations in structurally weak rural regions" created

The EU-funded RurAction project analyses the challenges in structurally weak rural regions and focuses on novel solutions addressing these challenges. The project aims at understanding the strategies and measures by means of which socially-innovative approaches have been adopted.

One of the goals of RurAction is to learn how social innovations can be facilitated in the future. The project is particularly interested in how social enterprises have collaborated with other local and regional actors.

The aim of the RurAction exhibition is to present the preliminary results of the project that has been ongoing since 2017. It strives to raise awareness on the challenges faced by rural regions in Europe and the ways those regions deal with some of the challenges. Third, it builds upon the experiences of the researches and social entrepreneurs through the visual materials and narratives collected by the researchers themselves (look for Researcher´s Notebooks).

The digital format was chosen in order to reach out to a broader audiences, including academic community, practitioners and wider public interested in the question discussed and regions presented. The exhibition not only aims at presenting the project but also at raising awareness of the innovative capacities of rural regions and of social enterprises operating there.

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