Conference + Book Release

Seminar + Book Release

A vida entre edifícios | Life Between Buildings

Architect Urbanism | Jan Gehl

16 November | 6pm

Grande Auditório @ISCTE-IUL

Free admission

In this first and celebrated work by Jan Gehl, whose first publication dates back to 1971, we are witnessing an attempt to understand how the substance of city life has been mislaid by developments in post-war urban planning. Once the diagnosis is made, the author presents a grammar for the urban design that can make the cities able to receive and to keep the precious life between buildings. Abundantly illustrated, in a simple and accessible language, this work by Jan Gehl leads us to a loss, but also to the awareness of the ample opportunities available to transform the public space into places of encounter, delay and enjoyment.

Jan Gehl (1936-) is a Danish architect and urban planner based in Copenhagen. His professional career, as a teacher, consultant and architect, focused on developing and promoting the quality of life of cities through detailed urban design, often with particular attention to the human scale and the changes in urban form. Leaving the limelight to the car, favoring better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, Gehl's work has been a pioneer in urban planning and responsible for the transformation of numerous public spaces around the world.


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