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Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts Special Session: Complementarities of Cultural and Creative Activities and Territorial Development 25th APDR Congress: Circular Economy, Urban Metabolism and Regional Development: Challenges for a Sustainable Future 5-6 July 2018 | FCSH – Lisbon Maria Assunção Gato, Ana Rita Cruz, Pedro Costa and Margarida Perestrelo would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the special session on “Complementarities of Cultural and Creative Activities and Territorial Development”, organized in the 25th APDR Congress that will take place 5-6 July 2018, in FCSH – Lisbon. The aim and scope of the special session:

The cultural and creative activities have recently been the focus of attention of academics and policy makers in Portugal as an emerging sector capable of work as leverage of several other economic activities and of producing several impacts that can benefit the territories where they are implemented.

This session aims to address the complementarities between cultural and creative activities and other economic activities, its practical applications in different territorial contexts, and the socioeconomic and territorial impacts induced by it. This session aims also to look over the diverse methodologies that can be used to analyse and study these kinds of processes.

The organizers of this Special Session invite all authors to submit their papers to a thematic dossier of CIDADES, Comunidades e Territórios journal. See the call for abstracts Abstract Submission Deadline: May 6, 2018 Results of the review process will be communicated to authors by approximately: May 20, 2018

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