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Ana Pamponet

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Professor of Law and Education. Coordinates the Research Center on Constitutional Process and Fundamental Rights - Catholic University of Salvador (UCSAL). It investigates inequality, creative cities and social inclusion, fundamental rights, public and participatory management. Organizational consultant in strategic management and human resources. Member of the Board of Directors of the Horirino Institute that works with inclusion and racial equality. Participates in the Research Project at the University Center Ruy Barbosa in Law

After a doctorate in Human Rights and Development at Upo- ES, Post-doctorate in Social Sciences - UC-PT, studying the educational legislation for social inclusion and Master in Administration (BR) with the theme of social participation in cities and legislation in Brazil , the need arose to understand the close relations between cities, the disorderly occupation and its reflexes, causing exclusion and social impact. The Creative Cities can be consolidated as an economic, cultural and social alternative for the use of the Right to the City, Inclusion and Reduction of Inequality and Poverty. The supervision will be by Professor Pedro Costa the Department of Political Economy in ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) and Director of DINAMIA'CET cities and territories


Updated: 27/03/2018


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