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Visiting Researcher

Roberto D'Alba




Período de estadia



MA student in Sociology at University of Trento (Italy). I graduated in Sociology and Social Research in 2020. During the beginning of my studies I developed interest in anthropology, cultural and urban studies. In 2019 I participated to an Erasmus exchange program at the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main, where I had the opportunity to delve into the study of STS, posthuman theories and environmental humanities.In my BA thesis project I investigated the symbolic and territorial dimensions of the complex conflictual relationships between human and nonhumans within Life Ursus, the Alpine bears’ repopulation project. Throughout my master I acquired a methodological background in both qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry. In 2021 I conducted a research about the aesthetic and cultural consequences of the institutionalization of Graffiti writing in the city of Trento. I'm currently working within a research project about the conflicts around Trento's nightlife.
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