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Visiting Researcher

Luisa Smeragliuol Perrotta




Período de estadia



Luisa Smeragliuolo Perrotta, PhD, Arch, is Assistant Professor in Architectural and Urban Design at the University of Salerno (Italy).

She graduated in Architectural and Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture of SUN (2nd University of Naples, Italy) “cum laudem and dignity of the press”.

Ph.D. at the doctoral school at the University of Salerno (Italy) within the Program of Engineering and Architecture with a thesis on the measure in the architectural design.

She participated to various workshops and design competitions on the topics of urban and architectural design and landscape.

Her research topics are theories and practices in architectural design. Her approach unites theoretical and architectural design issues with a critical reading of the design project. She is (co-) author of several publications.

She was research Fellow at the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr) - Institute for Service Industry Research (IRAT) for the educational program in Experience Design within the research project “New-places-Solutions for the cultural experience in the super-modernity”.

She was involved in the national research program PRIN Programma di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale 2009 “Integrated approaches for the sustainable redevelopment of public housing in Southern Campania. Social demand, ways of living and new housing typologies. 2010-2012” and in the European Project UIA - Urban Innovative Action MAC - Monteruscello Agro City. 2016-2020.

She is a member of the COST Action networking MCMH Middle-Class Mass Housing and she is involved in research projects on the topic of the Quality of Architecture in the Campania Region (Italy).

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