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Tiago Tito Candeias

Assistant Researcher

research interests

architecture, cultural heritage, history of art, community engagement, education, arts.

Short Bio

Tiago Tito Candeias is a Heritage Expert (M.A. in History and Heritage) and a Research Fellow at “ArchNeed – The Architecture of Need: Community Facilities in Portugal 1945-1985” (FCT, 2021-2024) project. He mainly works in the field of Heritage Education, Cultural Mediation and Cultural Projects' Management and has been the mentor of MI.MOMO.FARO (Minecraft and the Modernist Architecture of Faro) project at Faro2027. Tiago has participated as a speaker in several seminars, conferences, and projects at national and international level, such as ILUCIDARE - Heritage-led Innovation and International Cooperation (Horizon 2020). Has a special interest for contemporary creation.

Current projects

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