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Tiago Molarinho

Assistant Researcher

research interests

Proportion and Metric Systems in Architecture; Tracings Regulators in Architecture Theory and History of the Portuguese building tradition; Construction technology History in Architecture; religious architecture - building monasteries and convents - Hydraulic Monastic; History of Military Architecture and History of Civil; Architecture Conservation and Protection of the Architectural Heritage

Short Bio

Tiago Molarinho Antunes is a PHD student in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories. Is research Theme is “Proportion and Metric Systems in the Portuguese building tradition. Manor Houses in Lisbon (1640 - 1755)”. He has a Master in Recovery and Conservation of Architectural Heritage and Landscape were he presented the Dissertation on: “The Aqueduct of the Convent of Christ, in Tomar. Basis for a proposal of safeguard and its valorisation”.He as a degree in Interior Design (interior Architecture) and a Bachelor Degree in Equipment Design taken on ESAD, Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva Foundation Portugal, Lisboa.

Current projects

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