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Rolando Volzone

Associate Researcher

research interests

Religious Landscape and Architecture, Cultural Heritage, History of Architecture, 3d documentation, Adaptive Reuse

Short Bio

Rolando Volzone is a Postdoctoral researcher at ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon), focusing his work on a multidisciplinary approach on the religious heritage sites heritage, by combining History, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Computer Sciences. This research line has been delved deeper since the PhD project “Architectures of the soul. Legacy of the Eremitical Congregation of São Paulo da Serra de Ossa (Portugal)", defended in 2020. Currently he integrates the JPI Cultural Heritage project “F-ATLAS – Franciscan Landscapes: the Observance between Italy, Portugal and Spain” (2020–2023). Moreover, he is researcher in the project “CONVEMOS – Convents and Monasteries of Portugal (1096–1901): spatiality and temporality” (2019–2021). He is coordinator of the Seminars Architectures of the soul (2017, 2018 and 2020), and of the International Conference and Summer School Digital Survey in Religious Architecture (July 2018).


Current projects

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