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Nuno Miguel Tavares da Costa

Integrated Researcher

research interests

Arquitetura moderna brasileira, Arquitetura como processo, Arquitetura e consciência, Arquitetura e revolução, Arquitetura e desobediência

Short Bio

Nuno Tavares da Costa (1975, Lisboa) is an architect and researcher. He studied Interior Architecture and Architecture at FA-UTL and holds a PhD in Architecture from ISCTE-IUL. He is a Senior Project Architect at Bak Gordon Arquitectos, since the studio foundation in 2002. Over more than two decades, he collaborated and coordinated several projects in the areas of housing, education and public facilities, in Portugal and Switzerland, most notably the Two Houses in Santa Isabel, the Weitenzelg Secondary School in Romanshorn, or the National Carriages Museum.


He is an integrated PhD researcher at DINÂMIA’CET-IUL, in the group of Cities and Territories. His main interest lies in architecture as a process. His studies and research address the relations between architecture and urbanism practice with the questions of consciousness (ethics), resistance or intellectual disobedience, as critical motivations towards a perpetual cultural transformation. In this context and through his collaboration with Paulo Mendes da Rocha, he has intensified his interest in modern Brazilian architecture of the second period, namely that which is representative of the so-called São Paulo school, and of its modern and revolutionary roots.

Current projects

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