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Marta Martins

Assistant Researcher

research interests

Sociology; Urban Planning; Collaborative Planning and Socio-Territorial Cohesion; Neighboring, Place-making; Urban Morphologies; Epistemology and Methodology of Research in Architecture and Urbanism; Human Development; Social Innovation.Current research issues: Urban Planning as regulatory field and the fostering of social and territorial cohesion; Urbanity; Urban dynamics and forms in contemporary social, territorial and cultural morphogenesis – symbolic and functional relations between the so-called canonic city and extensive diffused settlements in Portugal; Neighboring - propinquity and social distance as critical elements in place-making and public policy.

Short Bio

Sociologist (ISCTE, 2006) and Post-Graduated in Data Analysis for Social Sciences (ISCTE, 2007), my scientific activity covers Sociology and the field of Urban Planning. Within this wide frame, I have worked in diverse institutional contexts, from academic research centers and a State Laboratory to the NGDO field. Issues concerning quality of habitat, collaborative planning and socio-territorial cohesion define the core of the research agenda I’ve been given the chance to tackle. I’m currently developing a PhD in Architecture – Urban Dynamics and Forms by the Faculty of Architecture – University of Porto (FAUP), having been supported by FCT, FAUP and DINÂMIA’CET-IUL.

Current projects

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