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Lídia Fernandes

Integrated Researcher

research interests

work, (un)employment, social movements, conflict and collective action

Short Bio

PhD Sociology student - Labour relations, social inequality and unionism, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra (Since 2012), studies the “Collective Action of the Unemployed”. She has got master’s degree in Psychology (Minho University, 1998) and in Sociology (ISCTE, 2011). Besides work, (un)employment policies, social movements, conflict and colective action, her interests include the themes of social inequalities considering the categories of class, gender and ethnicity; immigration policies and cultural diversity; feminisms; marxism; movement-relevant theory; participatory-action-research. She has been taking part in several social and civic feminists, anti-xenophobia, anti-austerity and housing rights movements (at national and international level).

Current projects

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