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João Camargo

Integrated Researcher

research interests

Climate Change; Climate Justice; Climate Policy; Social Movements; Just Transition; Political Economy; Climate Jobs; Energy Transition; Forest Fires; Landscape Planning; Forest

Short Bio

João Camargo has a background on environmental and agrarian sciences and has completed his PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies in June 2020. He has worked on a wide variety of issues throughout his professional and academic career, with interdisciplinarity as a main characteristic of his studies, in particular after he became more engaged with climate change. During his PhD he participated in three projects, around climate adaptation (ClimAdaPT.local and PIAAC - AMAL) and public policy, as well as forestry (ReProFlor). He published three books: Manual de Combate às Alterações Climáticas [Climate Change Combat Manual] (2018 and a Spanish adaptation in 2019), and Portugal em Chamas, como Resgatar as Florestas [Portugal in Flames, how to Rescue the Forest] (2018). He has long been an advocate of scientific extension beyond academia, having produced scientific materials and policy advice for the general public. He regularly writes for newspapers and magazines, about climate change, forests, environment, energy and labour.

Current projects

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