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Isabel Salavisa

Integrated Researcher

research interests

Economics of innovation. Sustainability Transitions and innovation.

Short Bio

ISABEL SALAVISA is Full Professor of Economics at ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, in Lisbon. She was Vice-Rector for Research of ISCTE-IUL ( 2018-2022).

Her research is conducted at DINAMIA’CET-Iscte, Centre for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies, of which she has been Director (2004-2013). She is joint coordinator of the Research Group ‘Innovation and Labour’.

Recently she worked on project SPLACH - Spatial Planning for Change (2017-2021) – funded by Compete 2020, coordinated by CITTA (UPorto) with the participation of GOVCOPP (UAveiro) and DINAMIA´CET-Iscte.

Her research subjects comprise economics of innovation; transitions and sustainability; and Welfare State policies in Europe. She coordinated and participated on a large number of projects.

She wrote, edited and contributed to a number of books, published a large number of articles and conference papers and presented her work at a great deal of conferences. She has supervised PhD. dissertations and taught mostly Economics of Innovation, Economics and Policies of the EU, and Sustainability Policies.

She is a member of international associations and networks and referee of several international journals.

March 2022

Current projects

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