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Hugo Casanova

Assistant Researcher

research interests

Architecture, Religious Architecture, Urbanism,

Short Bio

Hugo Casanova, born in 1996, obtained the Master in Architecture degree from ISCTE-IUL in 2019. His “final architectural project” work, evaluated with the maximum grade in its theoretical component, consisted of an investigation and project entitled “Monastery of Saint Mary of the Sea: Open Process”. It has been done with orientation of Professor Paula André and tutoring on the design component by Architect Pedro Mendes.

Under the Erasmus program, he studied in the city of Manchester in 2017/2018, where he began the research on modern architecture.

Since 2017 he collaborates with the regular conferences and visits of “Átrio”, an informal group dedicated to the research and debate on religious architecture.

In 2018 he organized the exhibition “Places of Meeting”, with final works of the curricular course of Contemporary Religious Architecture, which he attended with the Architect Bernardo Miranda.

Hugo worked on the design of sacred objects and has been carrying out architecture photography, namely for the publications: “Church of Paço de Arcos, 50 Years of Modern Architecture” (João Alves da Cunha), "Dominican art and Portuguese Architecture, Dialogues with Modernity" (João Alves da Cunha and João Luís Marques) and “Revista Património” no. 6 (João Luís Marques), church of Runa.

Current projects

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