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Giles Teixeira

Associate Researcher

research interests

Culture, art, museum studies, audience development studies, social and economic territorial studies, sociology.

Short Bio

Holds a PhD in Fine Arts from FBAUL (FCT scholarship). Holds a master’s degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester (FCG scholarship) and a degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the Portuguese Catholic University. Graduated in Cello at the National Conservatory of Lisbon. By having a transdisciplinary academic training and an expertise in various fields of culture, has worked in several renowned cultural institutions and research centres. The most noteworthy being the Barbican Centre, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Dinâmia'Cet-IUL, ISCTE. As its member, collaborated in the following research projects: Estratégias para a Cultura em Oeiras (2021); Estratégias para a Cultura em Lisboa (2017 & 2008); Estudo de Públicos da EGEAC (2014) and Cascais Criativo Cascais (2010).

Current projects

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