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Fabrícia Valente

Assistant Researcher

research interests

"music and territory"
"music and city"
"architecture and music"
"arte and architecture"
"territory biography"
"lisbon sounds"
"architecture between academy and museums"

Short Bio

PhD researcher at Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories – ISCTE, Lisbon. With a degree in Architecture from Universidade de Évora in 2007, and further education in the fields of Photography (from Instituto Português de Fotografia), Video(from CENJOR) and Planning and Producing Temporary Exhibitions (from Fundação Eugénio de Almeida). Fabrícia Valente is interested in the multidisciplinarity of Architecture and its possibilities of interface, namely with VisualArts, Cinema and Music. She divides her professional activity between curatorship, critique, writing and cultural mediation. Fabrícia was Curator and Head of Programmes for the KAIROS Pavillion and works as an independent curator. As a Cultural Mediator in the fields of Architecture and Visual Arts, Fabrícia collaborates with MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Berardo Museum Collection, Belém Cultural Center, and occasionally with Lisbon’s Architecture Triennial, having developed educational projects for over 190 exhibitions. She is guest docent, in Top Up Year Courses by Solent Southampton University at ETIC-Escola de Inovação, Tecnologias e Criatividade. She is Umbigo Magazine’s Architecture Editor and belongs to the last J_A (Architects Newspaper – Architects Order) writing team.

Current projects

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