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Duncan Crowley

Assistant Researcher

research interests

Ecocities; Community-Led Initiatives; Sustainable and Just Cities; Citizen Participation; Urban Transitions; Communities of Practice; Architecture; Degrowth; Action Research

Short Bio

Duncan is an Irish architect (2005) doing a PhD in “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” in ISCTE and working on Horizon2020 project UrbanA (Urban Arenas for sustainable and just cities) in FCUL. While living in Curitiba, Brazil (2014-18), he attained his masters in Environment and Development (2018). Living in Barcelona (2006-13) he co-founded the local Transition group and gained his Permaculture Design Certificate (2010) at Mas Franch and was active in the Barcelona Indignado square occupation of 2011. He worked with Eco Intelligent Growth (EIG) on LEED and Cradle to Cradle certification, collaborated with William McDonough and developed a White Paper for the Sustainable Urban Development of Barcelona for the Catalan Government. An Ecocity activist since Banja Luka, Bosnia (2003), he set up the Curitiba Ecocity Festival during the 2017 Ecocity World Summit. He represented ECOLISE at COP25 in Madrid 2019 and was part of the Climate Social & Climate Justice Caravan, with indigenous groups, during COP15 in Copenhagen 2009. His work to create community gardens and develop an urban bicycle greenway in Dublin was mentioned at the Venice Art Biennale (2005). He was active in Irish and UK Climate Camps 2007-09. He loves standing in rivers and Asterix books.

Current projects

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