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Catarina Ruivo

Integrated Researcher

research interests

Architectural history, architectural theory, urban history, public housing, housing policies, spatial analysis, space syntax

Short Bio

Catarina Ruivo is an integrated researcher at DINÂMIA'CET-IUL. She holds a MS in Architecture (2014) from Porto’s University and a PhD in Architecture, design and computation (2021) from Lisbon’s University, with a visiting period at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Her doctoral research focused on state-subsidised housing and its relationship with urban development, exploring the articulation of quantitative methods of spatial analysis with the sociological and historiographic aspects of architectural research as a means of illuminating the spatial forms of political, social and economic processes. She collaborated with the research group Formal Methods in Architecture (ESAP, Porto) since 2016, conducting research on computational methods in architectural research, as well as organising academic workshops and symposia on the topic.

Current projects

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