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Ana Oliveira

Integrated Researcher

research interests

Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Music, Urban Sociology, Cultural Policies, Youth Cultures, Creative Work, Identities and Lifestyles, Visual Sociology, Social Network Analysis

Short Bio

I am PhD Candidate in Urban Studies at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon and researcher at DINÂMIA’CET – IUL and at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto. I completed my degree in Sociology at University of Porto, with a project about the relationship between cultures and territories. I worked as a researcher at Institute of Sociology of the University of Porto on projects developed in the field of Sociology of Culture and Sociology of Music and also at a NGO, on projects related to youth. I am currently developing a PhD project entitled "Do It Together Again: networks, flows and spaces in building music careers in the Portuguese indie scene", funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology through the individual doctoral fellowship SFRH/BD/101849/2014. The project focuses on the processes of building DIY musical careers and their connection with urban space and local cultural policies in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto.

Current projects

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