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Vera Borges

research interests

Sociology of art and culture, professions, organizations and labour markets, public policies

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Short Bio

Former Researcher (05-2019)

Vera Borges is Researcher at DINÂMIA’CET in ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) and Associate Researcher at Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon. In 2005, she took her Ph.D. in Sociology at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and FCSH-UNL. She has developed her research work on culture and art by focusing on professions, organizations, artistic labour markets and public policies. Her recent research project is on ‘Reputation, market and territory: Between Theatre and Architecture’, with the support of FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology. Currently, she coordinates the project ‘Analytical research and monitorization of the cultural structures supported by state-DGArtes’. This project is supported by General Direction of Arts- Secretary of State for Culture.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

This project discusses the diversity and complexity of art, culture and their organizations in recent decades. The discussion will be made in a processual sociological perspective that articulates individual and organizational careers paths, practices, experiences, and projects. It starts with snapshots of sociological and ethnographic work, micro-stories of individuals and cartographies of social interactions, artistic and organizational practices. It is expected to contribute to the discussion, describing the individual micro-dynamics, missions, objectives and temporalities of organizations, such as cultural venues, in urban, peri-urban and rural territories; and making brief illustrated routes within international frames. Our main goal is to reflect on the macro-level meanings, consequences and repercussions that frame the micro-dynamics in the contemporary societies. Culture is understood as a productive tool that allows us to study intrinsic motivations and personal resources, but also to reveal the relationships between individual trajectories, practices and artistic and cultural organizations with social and economic processes, governance issues, public policies, innovation and practices of active citizenship.

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The project assumes that art and culture have a determinant  role in social, economic, territorial sustainability, urban governance and innovation. This derives from their lines of continuity, but it is also support by a vision of culture as a social world that reveals new strategic positions of actors, with different impacts on populations and local territories. In line with the main goals of 3rd Line of DC: Creative and Participative Lives in Empowered Societies, this project analyses the everyday work dimensions of organizations, particularly cultural venues, projects and individual trajectories, and confront their diversity in terms of missions, goals, expectations, aspirations, temporalities, territories where they operate and their results and impacts. The project also describes to what extent, and to what consequences the actors missions, organizations, projects and practices promote, boost, and influence each other.

Main publications

2018. "Arte colaborativa: Uma observação localizada dos teatros e dos seus públicos", Revista Etnográfica, 22 (2), 26 pp.

2017. "Os públicos-participantes: O teatro vai ao bairro", Revista de Sociologia ON LINE, Associação Portuguesa de Sociologia (APS), Nº 14

2017. "Cultural organizations, collaborative contexts and publics: How they become small communities", Portuguese Journal of Social Sciences (18), pp. 359-376.

2016. Com J. Luís Garcia, J. Miguel Teixeira Lopes, T. Duarte Martinho, J. Soares Neves, R. Telmo Gomes, “Mapping culture in Portugal: From incentives to crisis”, International Journal of Cultural Policy.

Main projects

Contribute to the production of regular results on the organization and work of artistic structures, improve the ex and ante tools for policy evaluation and better inform decisions.

2010. “Muitos são os chamados, poucos os escolhidos: entre a vocação e a profissão de arquitecto”. In Ana Delicado, Vera Borges e Stefen Dix. Vocação e Profissão. Ensaios sobre grupos profissionais. Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais.

O Mundo do Teatro em Portugal: profissão de ator, mercados de trabalho e organizações. Projeto pós-doc., financiado pela FCT (com o apoio da FCG em 2004).

2009. Comédiens et troupes de théâtre au Portugal: Trajectoires professionnelles et marché du travail. Paris: L’Harmattan.

Profissão: Arquitecto/a (M. Villaverde Cabral, coord.). Projeto financiado pela Ordem dos Arquitetos. Lisboa: Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa.

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