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Associate Researcher

Vasco Rato

research interests

Sustainability, Energy efficiency, Materials, Architecture ecology, Architecture technology.

Short Bio

Vasco Moreira Rato is assistant professor at the Dpt. of Architecture and Urbanism, ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, where he coordinates the scientific area of architecture technology. Architect, has a MSc. in Construction and a PhD. in Civil Engineering (Rehabilitation of the Built Heritage). He has professional experience in materials for architecture and buildings renovation, project management in architectural conservation, construction technology and energy efficiency in buildings. Currently, he develops teaching and research activities related to sustainability, energy efficiency, materials, ecology and technology in architecture. Member of ISCTE-IUL General Council (since Jun. 2013) and ISCTE-IUL Scientific Council (since Oct. 2010).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

Stellacci, S, Rato, V. & Elisa Poletti (2016). Structural permanence in pre and post earthquake Lisbon: half-timbered walls in overhanging dwellings and in Pombalino buildings. International Journal of Architectural Heritage.

Stellacci, S, Ruggieri, N. & Rato, V. (2016). Gaiola vs Borbone system: a comparison between 18th Century anti-seismic case studies. International Journal of Architectural Heritage. 10 (6), 817-828.

Nascimento, S., Pólvora, A., Paio, A., Oliveira, S., Rato, V., Oliveira, M...Sousa, J. (2016). Sustainable technologies and transdisciplinary futures: from collaborative design to digital fabrication. Science as Culture. 25 (4), 520-537.

Oliveira, M., Rato, V. & Carla Leitão (2016). Responsiveness Based Material – [a] Passive Shading Control System. ECPPM 2016 - eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Sofia Veludo & Rato, V. (2016). Performance-based Selection of Sustainable Construction Solutions for External Walls. Oikonet 3rd International Conference - Global Dwelling: Sustainability - Design - Participation. 95-103.

Main projects

Emerg.Cities4all. Cidades Emergentes – Sistemas generativos para habitação de baixo custo, coord. Prof. Alexandra Paio, ISCTE-IUL / ISTAR-IUL (início em janeiro 2011);

Task 41 – Solar Energy and Architecture do Programa Solar Heating and Cooling da Agência Internacional para a Energia (abr. 2009 a abr. 2012);

Os Gabinetes Coloniais de Urbanização: Cultura e Prática Arquitetónica (PTDC/AUR-AQI/104964/2008), FCT, coord. Prof. Doutora Ana Vaz Milheiro (DAU / ISCTE – IUL, 2010 a 2012).

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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