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Integrated Researcher

Teresa Marat-Mendes

research interests

Architecture, Urbanism, Urban Metabolism, Urban History, Urban Morphology, Urban Sustainability, Urban Ecology, Sustainability in Higher Education, Urban Morphology.

Short Bio

Teresa Marat-Mendes is an Assistant Professor with Habilitation at ISCTE-IUL and a Senior Researcher at DINÂMIA'CET-IUL. Teresa is an Architect with a M.Sci in Land Use Planning and Environmental Planning (UNL.FCT) and a Ph.D. in Architecture (Univ. of Nottingham). Her main research areas include Architecture and Urbanism, Urban Sustainability, Urban Metabolism, Ecological Urbanism, Urban Morphology and Sustainability in Higher Education. She was a Visiting Professor at The Universitat Politécnica da Catalunya (Barcelona, 2011) and at the Queensland University of Technology (Austrália, 2013). Teresa is a member of the Scientific Council of the International Seminar on Urban Form and was the former President for the Portuguese Network of Urban Morphology (PNUM). At DINÂMIA'CET-IUL Teresa coordinated the Research Project MEMO (PTDC/EMS-ENE/2197/2012) and at present she coordinates the D’C team for the research Project SPLACH- Spatial Planning for Change (POCI­01­145­FEDER­16431).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

To conduct studies of Urban Metabolism that bring together in a balanced way physical, human and cultural dimensions; through the application of multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research projects, with colleagues from the center and other national and international research centers. The main research topics will be: Urban Form and Sustainability; Urban Ecology, Food Safety, Sustainability analysis and evaluation models; Learning for Change in Sustainability '

Main publications

Isidoro I., Marat-Mendes, T, Tangâri, V. (2017) ‘The Portuguese Railway in Time and Space - mapping phases of growth, stagnation and decline (1845-2015)’, Planning Perspectives 33 (3), 363-384.

Marat-Mendes, T., Bento d’Almeida, P., Mourão, J. (2016) ‘Access to water in the Lisbon Region in 1900’, Water History 8 (2), 159-18.

Niza, S., Ferreira, D., Mourão, J., Bento d’Almeida, P., Marat-Mendes, T., (2016) ‘Lisbon’s womb: an approach to the city metabolism in the turn to the 20th century’, Regional Environmental Change 16 (6), 1725-1737.

Oliveira V., Marat-Mendes T., Pinho P. (2015) O estudo da forma urbana em Portugal (Edições UPorto, Porto).

Marat-Mendes, T. (org.), Mourão, J., Bento d’Almeida, P., Niza S. (2015) Water and Agriculture Atlas. Lisbon Region in 1900-1940. Atlas da Água e da Agricultura. Região de Lisboa em 1900-1940 (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ISCTE-IUL, Lisboa).

Main projects

SPLACH – Spatial Planning for Change (POCI­01­145­FEDER­16431).

MEMO - Evolution of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Metabolism. Lessons towards a Sustainable Urban Future (PTDC/EMS-ENE/2197/2012)

Informe previo a la actuación urbanística en las Brañas de Sar en Santiago de Compostela | Consórcio de Santiago, Financed by the Consorcio de Santiago de Compostela – Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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