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Integrated Researcher

Teresa Costa Pinto

research interests

Urban Studies, namely, Ways of Life and ways of Living; Territorial and Social Exclusion; Housing and Housing Policies; Urban Quality of Life; Residential Mobility; Peri-urban AreasUrban Sociology, Housing and Cities

Short Bio

Degree in Sociology at ISCTE-IUL. PhD in Sociology, specializing in Territorial and Environmental Socioloy, in 2006, by ISCTE-IUL, with a thesis entitled "Perception and Assessment of Quality of Life in AML: resources, aspirations and needs in the construction of quality of life notion ". Assistant Professor at Department of Sociology at ISCTE-IUL. Researcher at Dinamia'CET / ISCTE-IUL. Director of the MA in Urban Studies, ISCTE-IUL.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

My scientific project, in the coming years, seeks to be structured in two fundamental areas:

- The transformation of cities, and particularly of Lisbon, into their spatial, economic and social reconstruction dimensions, trying to establish the articulations between these dimensions and, at the same time, to perceive the role both of the internal specificities and of the global logics that, in one way or another, help to structure these transformations.

- Housing and housing policies in the context of the post-crisis, trying to understand, on the one hand, how new housing needs are configured and what strategies are activated by families to respond to these needs; on the other hand, how the housing market and public policies respond to the new challenges with an impact on the dynamics of housing demand, namely, demographic and family changes, changes in the labor market, financial constraints.

Main publications

Pinto, M., Ferreira, A. & Guerra, I. (2016). Residential trajectories in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area: Social profiles, mobility and tenure status. Portuguese Journal of Social Science. 15 (1)

Pinto, T. C.; Guerra, I., 2013, “Some structural and emergent trends in Social Housing in Portugal. Rethinking housing policies in times of crisis”, Cidades. Comunidades e Territórios, nº 27, DINAMIA'CET/IUL

Pinto, T. C; Guerra, I.; Martins, M.; Almeida, S., 2010, À Tona de Água. Necessidades em Portugal, Tradição e Tendências Emergentes, Vol I, Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian e Tinta-da-China Ed.

Guerra, I.; Pinto, T. C.; Martins, M.; Almeida, S.; Gonçalves, A.,2010, À Tona de Água. Retratos de um Portugal em Mudança, Vol II, Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian e Tinta-da-China Ed.

Pinto, T. C., 2009, “Notions and perceptions of quality of life: what clues to intervene in the city”, ITU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture, Vol. 6, Spring 2009, Istanbul Technical University.

Main projects

2015-2017, RESHAPE, Redesigning social housing against poverty in Europe, International Project, promoted by Free University of Bozen - Bolzano - Faculty of Economics and management. (Portuguese representative)

2016-2018, VUPACI, Vulnerabilidad, participación y ciudadanía, Claves para un desarrollo urbano sostenible, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, (Consultant)

2013-2015, REV, Rester en Ville, International Project, CRH coordination, PUCA funding (co-coordination portuguese team)

2012-2015, PERIURBAN - Peri-urban areas facing sustainability challenges: scenario development in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, FCT project - PTDC/AUR-AQI/117305/2010 (team member)

2010-2013, Residential trajectories and metropolization: continuities and changes in Lisbon Metropolitan Area, FCT project, PTDC/CS-SOC/102032/2008 (team member)

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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