Former Researcher

Stefania Stellacci

research interests

Traditional construction techniques; Built Heritage Conservation; Anti-seismic systems

Short Bio

Former Researcher (july 2020)

Stefania hold a Ph.D. degree in Architecture at ISCTE-IUL (2018) and she is currently researcher at DINÂMIA’CET. Her research interest is related to traditional timber-framed buildings in Lisbon and in Calabria region (Italy). Her studies also address priorities and challenges for the rehabilitation of traditional buildings, and the evaluation process of a set of repair and strengthening measures on the timber frame wall through a multiple-criteria decision analysis method (Macbeth).Stefania completed her bachelor’s degree in Architecture at University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2006, and her post-graduate degree in Conservation of Built Heritage at University of Roma 3 (Italy) in 2007. She has worked for international competions, preliminary and executive projects in barbiniarquitectos, ternullomelo, and Mangado architects.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

S. Stellacci, N. Ruggieri, V. Rato. Gaiola vs. Borbone System: A Comparison between 18th Century Anti-Seismic Case Studies. International Journal of Architectural Heritage Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration, 2016, 10(6): 817-828,.

S. Stellacci, V. Rato, E. Poletti. Structural Permanence in Pre- and Post-Earthquake Lisbon: Half-Timbered Walls in Overhanging Dwellings and in Pombalino Buildings, International Journal of Architectural Heritage Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration, 2017, 11(3): 363-381.

S. Stellacci, V. Rato, E. Poletti, G.Vasconcelos, G.Borsoi. Multi-criteria analysis of rehabilitation techniques for traditional timber-frame walls in Pombalino buildings (Lisbon), Journal of Building Construction, 2018,.

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