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Soraya Genin

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research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

There are 4 projects in progress:The PraxiS project (PraxiStone) aims to build stone models, to study stereotomy and test new construction technologies. It promotes the interaction between architecture design and construction technology, exploring the material in traditional and contemporary building systems.The DataVault project results from the PhD thesis on the Manueline vaults, which included the analysis of approximately 1000 European vaults (France, England, Germany and Central Europe, Spain and Portugal). It aims to broaden the database through digital technology.The Heritage Survey project aims to develop research on Conservation in multiple domains: Architecture, Construction, History, Structure and Pathology. It intends to use new diagnostic technologies, recreate constructive evolution, research materials and anomalies within structures.Photogrammetry is a project that aims to investigate good practices of heritage documentation, with a special focus on inventory. It intends to explore three-dimensional reconstruction to analyze geometry, constructive details and anomalies, as well as define anomaly mapping criteria.

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A articulação com a investigação realizada no DC é feita através dos projetos de Conservação e Reabilitação e Património cultural.

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23 de maio de 2023
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