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Sónia Henrique

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Information Science and Documentation – Archival Science

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Master in Information Science and Documentation, in the variant of Archival Science at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. I’m currently a PhD student in Historical Archival Science at the same Faculty. The study object of the research to the development of the doctoral thesis comprises the archive of the General Board of Overseas (1835-1910), guarded by the portuguese Arquivo Histórico Ultramarino.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The research project Coast to Coast - Late Infrastructure Development in the Former Portuguese Inland Africa (Angola and Mozambique): Historical Analysis and Postcolonial Evaluation (reference PTDC / ATPAQI / 0742/2014) is financed by national funds through FCT / MCTES ( PIDDAC). The project is developed by DINÂMIA'CET-IUL (ISCTE-IUL). At the scientific area of Archival Science the work plan comprises: a) Bibliographic research and documentation relevant to the custodial and archival history and to the functional organic study of the services producing documents related to public works managed by the Portuguese colonial administration between mid century XIX and the decade of the 30th century. XX. b) Organization, description, management and reinstallation of documentation produced mainly by the 3rd Division of the General Direction of the Overseas Territory and by the Department of Public Works, Ports and Transport of the General Direction of Colonial Development, between mid- XIX and the decade of the 30th century. XX; c) Collaboration in the preparation of the final exhibition, namely at the level of document selection and the production of its catalog; d) General support for project implementation through reporting and collaboration in the writing of scientific articles and other forms of dissemination of results.

Masters dissertation: «The place of photography in the archives: a proposalOf revaluation »

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