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Assistant Researcher

Sérgio Pinto

research interests

Income inequality, wealth inequality, social mobility, subjective well-being, immigration, labour economics.

Short Bio

Sérgio Pinto is a PhD student at the University of Maryland and his primary research interests are income inequality, subjective well-being, and labor economics.

His current work spans different subject areas and geographies, covering both the US and Portugal. Together with his advisor, Carol Graham, he is working on (i) race and income-based heterogeneities in subjective well-being in the US and how they map into premature mortality trends, (ii) which factors matter most for well-being and how well-being can matter for policy, and (iii) the causal well-being impact of recent US presidential elections. In Portugal, his work focuses on a number of topics related to labor markets and inequality.

Prior to starting his PhD, Sérgio worked at the World Bank, as well as in the public and private sector in Portugal. He holds a MPP from the University of Maryland, a postgraduate certificate in Economics and Public Policies from ISCTE-IUL and a BA in Business Administration from UCP.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Several projects broadly related to inequality, social mobility, and labour markets in Portugal:

(i) Quantify the trends in wage inequality, top incomes, and intra-generational wage mobility, with particular attention to the top of the distribution.

(ii) Estimate the trends in the immigrant-native wage gap and the effect of naturalization on immigrants' wages.

(iii) Analyze the impacts of recent minimum wage increases on worker and firm outcomes.

(iv) Estimate firm market power and quantify its impact on worker wages and inequality.

Main publications

Graham, C., and Pinto, S. (2019). "Men without work: A global well-being and ill-being comparison", IZA World of Labor 464.

Graham, C., Laffan, K., and Pinto, S. (2018). "Well-being in metrics and policy", Science, 362 (6412): 287-288.

Graham, C., and Pinto, S. (2018). "Unequal hopes and lives in the USA: optimism, race, place, and premature mortality", Journal of Population Economics, 1-69, 10.1007/s00148-018-0687-y.

Main projects

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23 de maio de 2023
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