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Assistant Researcher

Rodrigo Almeida

research interests

Sociology of Culture; Tourism Studies; Theory of Systems; Urban Semiotics.

Short Bio

Rodrigo Nicolau Almeida is a researcher at DINAMIA'CET-IUL, research fellow of the project "4H-Creat: Quadruple Helix to stimulate innovation in the Atlantic Cultural & Creative SME's". Graduated in Sociology from the University of Porto, he is currently developing his master's thesis in Urban Studies.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

My current line of individual research seeks to explore two sets of questions: on one hand, the development of public policy connected to innovation and cultural and creative industries; and on the other, the potential of use of tools of social systems simulation to understand phenomena of public policy. This research seeks then, on one hand, to explore the institutional contexts of policy formation in regards to culture and creativity, with a focus on knowledge transfer, and on the other, with expanding the scope of application of ABM models to an empirical domain, such as public policy in the Portuguese case, and ties in to a lot of work developed on these topics by the research centre, especially research on urban creativity and territorial policy on culture. Besides a strong methodological component, this work seeks to mobilise the intellectual capital of the various areas of DINAMIA’CET – economics, public policy, sociology, anthropology – in order to feed its theoretical and empirical references, and to produce adequate tools that can serve to explain and inform public policy on culture and territorial policy.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

Given the project is developed under the coordination and in partnership with researchers from various areas of the centre, this project has been profoundly influenced by approaches to questions of culture and creativity produced by the centre, as well as the kinds of analysis of creativity and cultural policy developed. This influence can be felt not only in terms of theoretical, empirical and methodological references, but also through its extensive knowledge transfer and consulting work, which has served to advance the political debate on these topics. The project seeks to address some of the main concerns of the centre, as I understand them: to be at the vanguard of social dynamics, using tools that have a much greater potential to address the complexity of social phenomena; and to produce political and institutional recommendations.

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23 de maio de 2023
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