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Assistant Researcher

Reinhard Naumann

research interests

Industrial Relations, Employment PolicyFuzzy Sets; Theory Statistical Applications of Fuzzy Sets; Multivariate Statistical Analysis; Latent Variables Models; Statistics of Extremes; Bayesian Statistics.

Short Bio

Reinhard Naumann holds a degree in Political Science (Philipps-Universität Marburg, 1988) and worked from 1989 to 1991 as organizor at the Greman Anti-Apartheid Movement. In 1991 he moved to Portugal and worked in the project “The Emerging Pattern of Industrial Relations in Portugal” (CIES 1991-1994). Since 1996 he is the representative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Portugal and since 2006/2007 he is correspondent of two European Observatories (European Industrial Relations Observatory – EIRO and European Employment Observatory – EEO/EEPO). He has published scientific articles in some important books in the area of Industrial Relations.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Research in labour relations, with a focus on collective bargaining and tripartite "social concertation". Study of structures and strategies of organized interest (trade unions and employers associations) and their representativeness in the system of labour relations. Study of active employment policies.

Main publications

José Barreto/Naumann, Reinhard: Portugal: Industrial Relations under Democracy, in: Anthony Ferner/Hyman, Richard (eds.): Changing Industrial Relations in Europe, Oxford (UK)/Malden (US) 1998

Reinhard Naumann: Portugal, in: Franz Traxler and Gerd Huemer (eds.): Handbook of business interest associations, firm size and governance: a comparative analytical approach, Routledge 2007

Reinhard Naumann/Stoleroff, Alan: Portugal, in: Bernhard Ebbinghaus / Visser, Jelle, The Societies of Europe - Trade Unions in Western Europe since 1945, London/MacMillan 2001

Reinhard Naumann/Campos Lima, Maria da Paz: Portugal: From Broad Strategic Pacts to Policy-Specific Agreements; in: Sabina Avdagic, Martin Rhodes and Jelle Visser (eds.), Social Pacts in Europe: Emergence, Evolution and Institutionalization, Oxford University Press 2011

Nádia Simões/Naumann, Reinhard: Restructuring in Portugal, Portuguese national background paper for “Anticipating and Managing Restructuring in Enterprises: 27 National Seminars” organized by A.R.E.NA.S, Lisbon/DINAMIA and Turin/ILO 2010

Main projects

“The Emerging Pattern of Industrial Relations in Portugal”, CIES 1991-1994 (Director: Alan Stoleroff, ISCTE)

“The Emergence and Evolution of Social Pacts: A Provisional Framework for Comparative Analysis”; Project no. CIT1-CT-2004-506392 – NEWGOV - New Modes of Governance - Integrated Project - Priority 7 – Citizens and Governance in the Knowledge-based Society; reference number: 18/D04, European University Institute / Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies 2004-2008 (Directors: Martin Rhodes, Sabina Avdagic, Jelle Visser)

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23 de maio de 2023
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