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Integrated Researcher

Pierre Guibentif

research interests

Politics in complex societies; relationship between individuals and organizations (topics analysed in particular in the fields of the academic world and of the legal system).

Short Bio

Pierre Guibentif lectures at ISCTE-IUL since 1982. PhD obtained at the University of Geneva, Faculty of Law, 1995. He teaches and researches in sociology of law and sociological theories. Main duties outside ISCTE-IUL: scientific director of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (Oñati, Spain), 1998-2000; chair of the Scientific Board of the Réseau national des Maisons des Sciences de l’Homme (France), 2006-2010; since 1991, member of the editorial board of the journal Droit et Société, and, since 2010 co-editor of Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Democratic societies presuppose the participation of individuals in political processes, in the action of the public administration and in civil society. An effective participation requires motivations and capabilities which themselves need to be constructed. This construction may be an ongoing process in the political activity itself, but it may also be the result of school education and of professional training, or of the mobilization of capabilities acquired in contexts outside the political field, , such as professional contexts. My aim is to empirically research these processes and dynamics of the citizenry’s development, at a moment when we witness what seems to be an erosion of the relationship between the world of politics and a significant part of the population, to a degree that could challenge the functioning of democracy.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:

My aim is to contribute to the general endeavour of the centre to study the processes generating societal dynamics, attempting at grasping the genesis of such dynamics at individual level. My work could help research on governance, dealing with data relevant for the understanding of “bottom up” political dynamics. It also could help reconstructing the processes through which experiences of environmental changes are worded and translated into evaluation and action in environmental matters. The analysis of the emergence of political dynamics is likely to contribute to a broader work on societal dynamics, in particular on dynamics of innovation and creativity, in the economy, but also in science.  

Main publications

GUIBENTIF, Pierre, “Law in the Semi-Periphery – Revisiting an Ambitious Theory in the Light of Recent Portuguese Socio-Legal Research”, International Journal of Law in Context (forthcoming).

ALMEIDA, Marta Tavares de, CAUPERS, João, GUIBENTIF, Pierre, Feitura das Leis. Portugal e a Europa, Lisboa, Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, (forthcoming).

GUIBENTIF, Pierre, “Rights in Niklas Luhmann’s Systems Theory” (based on “Os direitos subjectivos ...”, 2011) in: Alberto Febbrajo and Gorm Harste (eds), Law and Intersystemic Communication – Understanding ‘Structural Coupling’, London, Ashgate (ISBN: 978-1-4094-2110-8; 378 p.), pp. 255-288.

GUIBENTIF, Pierre, « Nouveau pluralisme juridique et transformations de l’individu », Revue canadienne Droit et Société / Canadian Journal on Law and Society, 2011, vol. 26-2, pp. 277-299.

GUIBENTIF, Pierre, Foucault, Luhmann, Habermas, Bourdieu. Une génération repense le droit, Paris, Lextenso-Librairie générale de droit et de jurisprudence (Collection Droit et société [série sociologie] nº 53), 2010.

Main projects

Self-Constitution of Europe: Symbols, Politics and Law (participation in a publication project coordinated by Jiri Priban, Cardiff University)

Trust in the Legal System (participation in a publication project coordinated by Jorge Vala (ICS), Pedro Barbas Homem (CEJ) and Pierre Guibentif (DINÂMIA'CET-IUL).

Domestic Work and Domestic Workers. Interdisciplinary and Comparative Approaches (FCT funded).

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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