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Integrated Researcher

Pedro Videira

research interests

Higher education and science policies; scientific mobility; technology-based entrepreneurship; social networks; knowledge transfer processes

Short Bio

Pedro Videira is a researcher at CIPES (Center for Research in Higher Education Policies) and has just finished his PhD at ISCTE –University Institute of Lisbon with a thesis on the impact of the international mobility trajectories of scientists on their knowledge networks. His main current research interests are on Higher Education and Science policies and institutions. He has collaborated in several projects on technology-based entrepreneurship, researchers’ international mobility and higher education reforms and published several journal articles and book chapters on those subjects.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Higher education systems have changed significantly in recent decades in response to rising global challenges and various national politicy initiatives. Like elsewhere the Portuguese higher education system has also suffered important changes recently, namely in terms of the operation of its institutions, in its context and societal demands and in policy initiatives at the institutional and systemic levels. My reserach program aims at the analysis of those change dynamics, namely in institutional governance, in the development of quality assurance and performance management systems, in the effects of those changes in professional groups in academia and in the professional and employability of higher education graduates.

Main publications

Cardoso, S., Rosa, M.J., Videira, P., Amaral, A. (2017) ‘Internal quality assurance systems: ‘tailor made’ or ‘one size fits all’ implementation? Quality Assurance in Education, vol.25, Issue 3.

Tavares, O., Sin, C., Videira, P. e Amaral, A. (2016), “Academics’ perceptions of the impact of internal quality assurance on teaching and learning”, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Fontes, M., Videira, P. e Calapez, T. (2013), “The impact of long-term scientific mobility on the creation of persistent knowledge networks”, Mobilities Journal 8(3): 440-465.

Sousa, C., Videira, P. e Fontes, M. (2010), “The role of entrepreneurs’ social networks in the creation and early development of biotechnology companies”, International Journal of Enterpreneurship and Small Business, 12(2): 227-244.

Videira, P. (2013) “A mobilidade internacional dos cientistas: Construções teóricas e respostas políticas”, in Araújo, E., Fontes, M. & Bento, S. (Eds.), Para um Debate sobre Mobilidade e Fuga de Cérebros, ebook, CECS - Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade da Universidade do Minho. ISBN: 978-989-8600-11-0

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23 de maio de 2023
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