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Integrated Phd Researcher

Pedro Costa

research interests

Urban and Regional Planning; Territorial Development; Cultural Economics; Creativity, Culture and Territory; Urban Studies

Short Bio

Pedro Costa is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Economy in ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) and Director of DINAMIA'CET, where he coordinates the research line "Cities and territories". Economist, PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, has worked mainly in the areas of cultural economics, territorial development and planning, focusing on his recent research, among other aspects, the role of cultural activities in territorial development, the relations of creative dynamics with territories, or local development promotion strategies. Has collaborated on several projects, particularly in the areas of planning, regional/local development and cultural activities.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

- Analysis of the creative dynamics and its relationship with the territory, in its multiple dimensions: analysis of the structuring, territorialization and spatial patterns of the various components and processes of cultural activities (creation, production, mediation, fruition) as well as of the territories most marked by creation and cultural practices. This includes the understanding of the relationship with development processes, impacts assessment, the relationship with public policies and urban planning; the analysis of the relationship with tourism and the study of the processes of urban change (eg, gentrification), involving participatory and innovative methodologies (e.g. visuals or others)

- Analysis of urban change dynamics (processes of socio-economic recomposition, gentrification, massification, touristification) in particular in metropolitan context 

(References: Scott, 2000, 2008, 2016; Caves, 2002; mas tb Storper; Markusen; Bianchini; Lazzeretti; Crevoisier&Jeanerat;  Moulaert&Sekia;...) 

Main publications

Kebir, L., Crevoisier, O.; Costa, P.; Peyrache-Gadeau, V. (Eds.) (2017), Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development: Rethinking Innovative Milieus, Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar

Costa, P. e Lopes, R. (2015) "Urban Design, Public Space and the Dynamics of Creative Milieux: A Photographic Approach to Bairro Alto (Lisbon), Gràcia (Barcelona) and Vila Madalena (São Paulo)", Journal of Urban Design, 2015, Vol.20, nº1, 28-51

Costa, P. (2012), “Gatekeeping processes, reputation building and creative milieus: evidence from case studies in Lisboa, Barcelona and São Paulo”, in Lazzeretti, L (Ed.), Creative industries and innovation in Europe: Concepts, measures and comparatives case studies”, Routledge, pp. 286-306.

Costa, P.; Magalhães, M., Vasconcelos, B. e Sugahara, G. (2008), “On ‘Creative Cities’ governance models: a comparative approach”, The Service Industries Journal , Vol. 28, nº3-4, April-May 2008, pp. 393-413

Costa, P. (2007), A cultura em Lisboa: competitividade e desenvolvimento territorial, Lisboa: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais

Main projects

Estratégias para a Cultura da Cidade de Lisboa 2017, financiado pela CML (2016/2017) (Coordenador)

CREATOUR - Desenvolver Destinos de Turismo Criativo em Cidades de Pequena Dimensão e Áreas Rurais, financiado por P2020 (10/2016 – 09/2019)

SPLACH - Planeamento territorial para a mudança financiado por P2020 (10/2016 – 09/2019)

FLÂNEUR – New Urban Perspectives, financiado por Creative Europe Culture (03/15-03/17) | + info

“ASLINN - Anchorage, Sustainability and Localisation of Innovation: towards new forms of territorialization of economic activities?”, financiado pelo PUCA (Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture), França (Recherche menée pour le PUCA - Ministère de l’Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement Durable et de la Mer, dans le cadre de la consultation de recherche «Localisation des activités économiques et développement durable des activités ?» DF: n° 0190-13-06) (2010-2012) (Co-coordenador)

Last update

23 de junho de 2022
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