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Associate Researcher

Paulo Manta Pereira

research interests

“Raul Lino”, “Architecture”, “Circumstance”, “Continuity”, “Modernity”, “Landscape”, “City”, “Territory”

Short Bio

Paulo Manta Pereira (Lisbon, 1964) obtained his degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon (FAUTL, 1991) and defended his PhD thesis at ISCTE – IUL (2013). He practices architecture at Lisbon Municipality (since 2000), and both as evaluator and author, he has repercussed his scientific skills in projects of requalification of public space, urban design and architecture, mostly, in the housing sector. Convinced in the contemporary relevance of the thought and work of Raul Lino (1879-1974) he has expanded new problems and interpretations contained on his research within the scientific community.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Raul Lino (1879-1974) conceived with each new synthesis of decorative arts, architecture and urbanism, the Gesamtkunstwerk (Total Work of Art). After the controversy of the retrospective exhibition of his work at Gulbenkian Foundation (1970), the knowledge produced about the architect has expanded. However, there is no known research carried out on the transversal purpose of the activity defined by Raul Lino as “urbanistic architecture”, “Art of urbanization” or “valorization,” wich is the purpose of the research project, focused on the “meaning [of architecture] as a pattern of culture.”

Main publications

Pereira, P. M. (2014) “A Arquitetura doméstica de Raul Lino (1900-1918). Expressão meridional do Arts and Crafts, ou síntese local de um movimento artístico universal do último terço de oitocentos” in Carita, H.; Malta, M.; Mendonça, I. A Casa Senhorial em Lisboa e no Rio de Janeiro. Anatomia dos interiores. Lisboa: Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Rio de Janeiro - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 346-363

Pereira, P. M. (2015) “Raul Lino entre Cascais e Sintra. Uma obra de encantamento e poesia (1900-1918)” in Cunha, R. S. (Ed.); Correia, J. (fot.) Colóquio Nacional Raul Lino em Sintra. Actas do IV ciclo de conferências. Sintra: Castelo do Amor, 169-363

Pereira, P.M. (2016) A Casa Max Abecassis (1925-1932). Uma possibilidade moderna de continuidade na arquitetura doméstica de Raul Lino. Lisboa: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa. Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal. Série II, 6, 19-45.

Pereira, P. M. (2019) Raul Lino and the City. PREPRINTS.

Pereira, P. M. (2020) ‘Urbanistic Architecture’ According to Raul Lino: Visions of the Portuguese City in the First Half of the 20th Century (1900-1948)”. Enquiry The ARCC Journal for Architectural Research, vol. 17, no. 1, 1-27.

Main projects

Raul Lino and the City (2013-2022)

Raul Lino and the cultural function of architecture. Landscape, City and Territory.

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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