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Integrated Researcher

Paulo Alves

research interests

Sociology of Work, Sociology of Employment, Industrial Relations

Short Bio

PhD in Sociology by ISCTE-IUL. Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL, teaching in the fields of sociological theories; research methodologies; work, employment and organizations and of trade unionism and industrial relations. Researcher at DINÂMIA’CET-IUL, with participation in a large number of research projects. Author of several works in the fields of work, trade unionism and other forms of worker participation and industrial relations.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

In the medium term, we will continue to focus on the themes we have been developing, particularly those related to work and industrial relations. We will emphasize the study of work - in particular digital work - and the conditions under which it is performed, involving in this era of flexible accumulation a deep degradation and dehumanization; the study of the labor market and its dynamics of change, which are reflected inter alia in the precariousness of the labor force and in massive unemployment; the evolution of collective bargaining and the respective negotiating content, both in the private sector and in the public sector; and the analysis of the different modes of representation of workers, especially trade unionism, in its various dimensions, with particular emphasis on the use it makes of ICT as a relevant instrument for its revitalization. Theoretically, the analysis will be shaped by the contributions of critical sociology and methodologically a qualitative methodology will be favored.

The objectives of the center are to deepen our knowledge of the dynamics of change in Portuguese society in a perspective of sustainable development, analyze the actors of this change and contribute to social cohesion, our work program, by emphasizing the analysis of issues related to work and the conditions of their provision; of the labor market and its regulation, in particular through collective bargaining, one of the main instruments for reducing social inequalities; and by focusing its focus on one of the main players in the labor market, trade unionism will not fail to make a contribution to the pursuit of the Center's missions.

Main publications

Alves, Paulo Marques (2014), “Possibilidades de Participação dos Trabalhadores e Efeitos Psicossociais”, in Hernâni Veloso Neto et al (orgs.), Manual de Riscos Psicossociais, Vila do Conde, Civeri Publishing.

Alves, Paulo Marques (2014), “O Movimento Sindical Português no Turbilhão da Crise Global do Sindicalismo”, in Raquel Varela e Paulo Mattos (orgs.), Demografia e Relações Laborais, Lisboa, Edições Colibri.

Rego, Raquel; Alves, Paulo Marques; Naumann, Reinhard; Silva, Jorge (2014), “A typology of trade union websites and its application to the Portuguese and the British cases”, European Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 20, n.º 2, pp. 185-195.

Alves, Paulo Marques; Areosa, João; Torres, Cláudia; Tomé, Raul; Gonçalves, Luís (2013), “A Regulação da Participação dos Trabalhadores em Saúde e Segurança no Trabalho na Negociação Colectiva: uma Oportunidade Perdida?”, International Journal on Working

Marques; Naumann, Reinhard; Silva, Jorge (2013), “Os sítios na internet dos sindicatos portugueses: navegação à vista?”, Sociologia – Problemas e Práticas, n.º 73, pp. 93-110

Main projects

The collective bargaining and representativeness of temporary workers in Europe. Development and reinforcement of Industrial Relations Systems in response to changes in the European labour market (2014-2016)

EIRO – European Observatory of Industrial Relations (2005-2014)

SMALL – Representation and Voice in Small and Medium-sized European Enterprises: Monitoring Actors, Labour Organisations and Legal Frameworks (2002-2006)

A Militância Sindical: dos Padrões Tradicionais de Militância às Novas Formas de Cidadania Política (2000-2004)

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23 de maio de 2023
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