Integrated Phd Researcher

Paula André

research interests

Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism; Urban Dynamics and Politics of the City (Lisbon); History of Art, Visual Culture and Heritage

Short Bio

Paula André, born in Lisbon, have a PhD in Architecture and Urbanism by ISCTE-IUL – University Institute of Lisbon and master degree in Art History by F.C.S.H. of Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Assistant Professor of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the ISCTE-IUL, teaches in the Masters of Architecture; of Modern and Contemporary History (specialition: Cities and Heritage); and in Management and Culture Studies. Integrated Researcher of DINÂMIA'CET-IUL- Centre for Socioeconomic Change and Territorial Studies. Has developed research in the areas of Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism, and Art History, with publications in Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

research project

To continue the study carried out within the framework of the coordination of the thematic line “Images of the Material Achievements” of the Research Project “Printed Photography. Image and Propaganda in Portugal (1934-1974)”. 
To continue the work carried out within the scope of the coordination of the Collaborative Laboratory “Urban Dynamics, Heritage, Arts”, in conjunction with the University of Évora and Nova University, and also planned partnerships with the University of Algarve and UNICAMP of Brasil. 
To continue the research carried out in the scientific areas of Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism (Urban and Political Dynamics of the City - Lisbon), Heritage (and Digital Humanities) of History of Art (and Visual Culture) and History (Photography, Image and Propaganda), this research will be articulated through teaching and the subsequent diffusion of knowledge. 

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The research areas: Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism; Urban and Political Dynamics of the City (Lisbon); History of Art and Visual Culture; Photography, Photography and Propaganda; Representation of Architecture and Heritage, are part of the interdisciplinary research in the social and cultural aspects developed by DC, particularly articulated with the Cities and Territories axis for their approach to the contemporary world and its comparative approach

Etnogenia, Fotogenia e Etnogenia: Arquitectura Popular na primeira metade do século XX em Portugal, in, ANDRÉ, Paula; SAMBRICIO, Carlos (ed. lit.) – Arquitectura Popular: tradição e vanguarda / Arquitectura Popular: tradición y vanguardia. Lisboa: DINÂMIA’CET-IUL, 2016. P. 85-144. (ISBN 978-989-732-973-9).

Main publications

Eugénio dos Santos and City Engineering, in, FERRÃO, Leonor; BERNARDO, Luis Manuel A. V. (ed. lit.), Views on Eighteenth Century Culture: Design, Books and Ideas. Newcastle upon Tyle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, Part I, On Architecture and City Planning, Cap. 4, p. 78-91. (ISBN (10): 1-4438-8100-7); (ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-8100-5).

Las Geografias del Dilema de la Cubiertura en la Arquitectura Portuguesa. In, RIGOTTI, Ana Maria; PAMPINELLA, Silvia (ed. lit.) - Entre Puntos Cardinales. Debates sobre una nueva arquitectura (1920-1950). Rosário: Protohistoria Ediciones, 2012 (2013). p.179-201. (ISBN:978-987-1855-35-3)

Fotografia: dinâmicas, discursos e impactos da imagem nas exposições de arquitectura, Revelar revista de Estudos de Fotografia e Imagem, Porto, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Departamento de Ciências e Técnicas do Património, nº1 (2016),p. 176-192. (ISSN 1777-5302).

As Cidades da Cidade. Lisboa na primeira metade do séc. XX: nova Lisboa (1936) e Lisboa nova (1948). Revista Urbana, revista Eletrónica do Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos da Cidade – CIEC.UNICAMP – Dossiê Historia Urbana: a configuração de um campo conceitual, v. 7, n. 10, Jan/Ago, (2015), p. 90-112. (ISSN: 1982-0569).

Main projects

PRINTED PHOTOGRAPHY. IMAGE AND PROPAGANDA IN PORTUGAL (1934-1974), financiado pela FCT (2016-2019) | + info

As Praças na Cidade Portuguesa. Origens, Processos de Desenvolvimento, Características Morfológicas. CEURBAN, FCT

Atlas das Implantações Portuguesas no Mundo. Atlas do Património Urbano Português Construído no Mundo, CEUA, FCT

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