Integrated Researcher (without Phd)

Patrícia André

research interests

Sociology of Law and Justice; Legal Theory; Law and Technology; Socio-Legal Research

Short Bio

Researcher at CEDIS – Research Center on Law and Society (NOVA Law School) and DINÂMIA’CET - Centre for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies (ISCTE).

Member of LxLTG - Lisbon Legal Theory Group (Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law - University of Lisbon School of Law).

PhD candidate in Law at NOVA Law School and FCT research fellow.

Master’s degree in Novas Fronteiras do Direito at ISCTE (2010).

Law degree at the University of Lisbon School of Law (2003).

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Being a cross-dimensional object, law can be accounted for through a plurality of epistemic, conceptual and methodological perspectives.

Since legal discourse is at once fabric and mechanism of the legal world, one can conceive it as a crucial eye view to the law.

I intend to continue to make use of legal discourse as an analytical device in various instances of socio-legal research: whether focusing on legal argumentation; or pinpointing judicial discourse to clarify what kind of operations do courts carry out in adjudication or to know the robes of law as a performative actor in several areas of society; or yet shifting observation to the reception of legal discourse by the non-jurist citizen in view of the effectiveness and legitimacy of law towards a democratic citizenship.

My research plan also encompasses the definition and development of methodological models of empirical research in law.

Main publications

André, P., Violante, T. & Gameiro, M. I. (2019). Os Tribunais e a Crise Económica e Financeira: Uma Análise do Discurso Judicial. Lisboa. Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos.

Violante, T. & André, P. (2019). The Constitutional Performance of Austerity in Portugal. In Tom Ginsburg; Mark D. Rosen; Georg Vanberg (Ed.), Constitutions in Times of Financial Crisis. (pp. 229-260).: Cambridge University Press.

Main projects

Argumentação Jurídica na Justiça Constitucional Portuguesa e Espanhola (PhD research project - ongoing - CEDIS-NOVA, DINÂMIA'CET-ISCTE - PD/BD/150496/2019 - FCT)

A Crise nos Tribunais: Uma Análise ao Processo Decisório em Contexto de Crise Económico-Financeira (2016/2019 – Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation)

Les Représentations Politiques et Juridiques de l’Opinion Publique et le Choix des Sanctions en Droit Criminel (2014/2015 - Université d’Ottawa – Dep. Criminologie, colab. DINÂMIA’CET-IUL)

Argumentation, Communication and Context (2013/2014 - Philosophy of Language Institute, FCSH/UNL - PTDC/FIL-FIL/110117/2009 - FCT)

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18 de setembro de 2020