Integrated Researcher (without Phd)

Nuno Miguel Tavares da Costa

research interests

Architecture and Urbanism (Portugal-Brazil)

Short Bio

Nuno Tavares da Costa, born in 1975, Lisbon, Portugal.


Graduated in Interior Architecture (1993-1999) and complemented his formation in Architecture (2001) at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisbon. Ph.D student in the Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories program at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisbon, since 2014.


He acts as Project Manager at Bak Gordon Arquitectos, Lisbon, since 1999. From the different projects that he coordinated we can highlight the following ones: National Coach Museum in Lisbon; Weitenzelg Secondary School in Romanshorn, Switzerland; D. Pedro V Secondary School, in Lisbon; and the houses in Santa Isabel.

research project at dinâmia'cet-IUL

The uncanny National Coach Museum. Uncanny because built with perversity in the monumental territory of Belém; or because it is generated in the lineage of Brazilian architecture? Or uncanny, still, because it projects in itself this condition of strangeness, with eventual interest in the conscious participation of us all in the process of construction of the city. The Museum is a case that highlights a broader problem: that of the (distant) presence of Brazilian architecture in the Portuguese architectural  practice. A presence that history continues to reveal as ambiguous: simultaneously desired and rejected. But why are we so astonished with Brazilian architecture? This is the primary motivation of the research proposal, which engage by starting analyzing from an approximation to the theme of alienation in architecture. A condition that, when evidenced in dialectic means, seems to situate itself as an agent of the perpetual and progressive movement of civilization.

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Costa, Nuno Tavares da. “Aportar à Beira-rio: o contributo do novo Museu dos Coches a Belém”. In: PNUM 2016, Livro de Atas da 5ª conferência internacional da Rede Lusófona de Morfologia Urbana [pdf]. Guimarães: Universidade do Minho, Lab2PT, Julho 2016, pp. 1111-1120.

Main publications

Rocha, Paulo Mendes da. Neves, José Manuel das (ed.) Costa, Nuno Tavares da. (coord.) Museu Nacional dos Coches: lugar, projeto e obra. Lisboa: Uzina Books, Maio 2015. ISBN: 978-989-8456-78-6

Bak Gordon Arquitectos. Tranfa, Federico (ed.) Costa, Nuno Tavares da (coord.) Bak Gordon: architetture abitate. Milano: Electa Mondadori, 2015. ISBN: 978-88-918-0266-8

Main projects

Tese de doutoramento PlayArch. Interactive Architecture Environments

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