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Assistant Researcher

Maximina Almeida

research interests

Contexts of Architecture - recent decades; Maps; Housing in Lisbon;Architecture Awards (projects, work and career); "Civilization of desire" and Ways of Life.

Short Bio

PhD student in Architecture of the Metropolitan Territories at ISCTE-IUL, FCT scholarship recipient for research with the Title Work Program "Architecture: Mapping the desire in housing at Lisbon."Graduated in Architecture from FAUTL and member of Ordem dos Arquitectos since 1991.Multiple and interdisciplinary professional experience which comes from project practice at MXTstudio in joint authorship with Telmo Cruz, teaching in FAA at the ULL, and more recently, from research in DINÂMIA'CET-IUL.Has built works with recognized merit.Obtained 7 First Prizes in International Competitions.Invited to jury panels of architecture.Elected Member at Ordem dos Arquitectos in the 2002/2004, 2005/2007, 2008/2010 triennia.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

ALMEIDA, M., CRUZ, T. MXTstudio. “Research in architecture and research about architecture." 1st Conference Research and Architecture: Research in the Project. Organized by FAUGA ULHT and LABART Research Center.Lusofona Journal of Architecture and Education, North America, 0, dec. 2013.

CRUZ, Telmo; ALMEIDA, Maximina; SOARES, Pedro. “Mercado Público da Comenda”. In Tectónica 35: ventilación. Madrid: ATC Ediciones, Maio 2011. 118 p. il., pp. 32-51.

ALMEIDA, Maximina. “Lisbon Story”. In Singularidades em Arquitectura e Urbanismo. Mário Chaves (Coord.). Lisbon: Universidade Lusíada Editora, 2011, 114 p. il. pp. 5-13.

ALMEIDA, Maximina; CRUZ, Telmo; SOARES, Pedro. “Mercado Público”. In IV Prémio Enor. Vigo: Grupo Ascensores Enor, 2009. 454 p. il. Catalogue of selected works, finalists and winners, pp. 152-168.

ALMEIDA, Maximina; CRUZ, Telmo; SOARES, Pedro. VI BIAU Lisboa 08: VI Bienal Iberoamericana de arquitectura y urbanismo. Spain: Gobierno de España, 2008. 335 p. il. Monograph. Exhibition catalogue of finalists and winners. pp. 154-161.

Main projects

Work Program "Architecture: Mapping the desire in housing at Lisbon" conducive to the PHD degree with FCT - SFRH / BD / 72821/2010 scholarship.

Last update

23 de maio de 2023
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