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Assistant Researcher

Mariana Sanchez Salvador

research interests

Foodscape, Urban food systems History of the house, Food history Architecture, Urban morphology

Short Bio

Mariana Sanchez Salvador is an architect and researcher. She worked at the studio Carrilho da Graça Architects, collaborating on numerous projects, from urban scale to public facilities, rehabilitation and temporary interventions. Her research focuses on how the spaces we inhabit — from the city to the house — are transformed by food. She received the Award Architect Quelhas dos Santos for best Dissertation in Architecture (FAUL), published under the title ‘Arquitectura e Comensalidade: uma história da casa através das práticas culinárias'. She is currently working on her PhD thesis in Urban Studies (FCSH-UNL and ISCTE) through a PhD Scholarship awarded by FCT.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Food systems and cities are two of the anthropogenic factors with greatest impact on the planet, jeopardizing sustainable development in environmental, social and economic terms. However, if thought in a joint, holistic and integrated way, within the logic of city region food systems, they hold the potential of contributing positively to a more resilient future.Departing from a state of the art regarding these two realities, the research is focused on the case study of Lisbon, aiming to frame this city within the current international debate and contribute to a diagnosis that supports future food actions and policies. The spaces of food production, distribution and retailing will be characterized and mapped, for the years of 1910 and 2010, for an understanding of the city’s foodscape evolution. This information will be complemented by innovative projects that present an alternative, contemporary foodscape.


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The current research is framed by a sustainable development approach, aimed at understanding the impact of current urbanization and nutritional transition on land use, water and other natural resources, on biodiversity and climate change. It integrates the specific context of the Portuguese capital in this on-going international debate, fostering dialogue, exchange of experiences and knowledge with other cities, in order to reach more sustainable and innovative models.Based on a historical perspective, but being projected towards the future, this research aims for a deep understanding of the specific reality of Lisbon and its transformative drivers, in a broad-time perspective, that allows a more informed action upon the existing reality. It also recognizes the variety of actors and motivations at play in the city and food systems, seeking to constitute a base of knowledge and dialogue for both innovative projects and food policies.

Main publications

SALVADOR, Mariana Sanchez. (2016) An outline of the Foodscape of Lisbon: knowledge from the past for a better future. Proceedings of EURSAFE 2016 - 13th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics: “Future Foods: Ethics, Science & Culture”. Universidade do Porto: September 28th to October 1st 2016.

SALVADOR, Mariana Sanchez. (2016) Arquitectura e Comensalidade: uma história da casa através das práticas culinárias. CIAUD, University of Lisbon. Lisbon, Caleidoscópio Editora. ISBN 978-989-658-334-7.

SALVADOR, Mariana Sanchez & OLIVEIRA, Maria do Rosário. (2015) Abastecimento alimentar de Lisboa: perspectivas do passado. Proceedings of X Congresso de Geografia Portuguesa: “Os Valores da Geografia”. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon: September 9th to 12th 2015. ISBN 978-989-99244-1-3. p. 182-187.

Main projects

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