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Assistant Researcher

Maria Raquel Sousa

research interests

Multi-field-studies, agriculture and urban agriculture, planning, socioenvironmental problems

Short Bio

Agriculture Engineer, Master in Geography, taught at Lusófona University. Also works on Consulting, Local Development and Planning. Proactive, founded an enterprise and a cooperative (Biosite). Was vice-president of GEC an Environmental Asociation. The association of research and other professional areas is present and also include a “hands on” side by making workshops and practical courses and production of horticulture products on a agro ecological innovative way. Likes nature, yoga, dance, socializing, walks and trips, art and culture and learning.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

Main publications

An ecoservice retrofeed back contribution to green economy RESER Conf, Gotenbourgh, Swedem, 19-23 Sept 2018. RESER Award

Morfologia da Agricultura Urbana Caso de Estudo de Chelas, Lisboa. PNUM, UAP, Junho 2018

A problemática dos Baldios na Agricultura Urbana, Dinâmicas Socioeconómicas e Territoriais Contemporâneas, 17 - 18 de Dezembro 2018

Minho´s landscape and the materiality of architecture and agriculture in monastic experience. Arquitectura da Alma, ISCTE, Novembro 2018

Combining top-down and bottom-up gardens in Lisbon as an improved planning strategy", Proceedings of Growing in Cities, Cost Conference on Urban Allotment Gardens, Sept 2016, Basel

Main projects

Urban agriculture at AML and Lisbon. A socioenvironmental aproach.

Master Project; Managing Farmland for habitat at Yolo County, California, USA

How to improve yield and why it is important (ongoing)

Co-housing as a solution for urban sustainability and urban agriculture.

Last update

30 de maio de 2023
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