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Maria Margarida Ucha

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History, theory and criticism of architecture.

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Margarida Marino graduated in Architecture Culture from University of Évora (2011), and Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary History, specializing in Cities and Heritage from ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2015) with a dissertation titled “«Português Suave» e «Arquitetura Doce». Contributos para uma historiografia da Arquitetura Portuguesa” («Português Suave» and «Arquitetura Doce». Contributions to a historiography of Portuguese Architecture). Currently, attends the Doctoral program in Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories, with interest in the areas of history, theory and criticism of architecture.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

The main objective of the investigation is to construct an analysis and reflection on the work of the architect Pedro Vieira de Almeida (1933-2011). It seeks to structure the work of Pedro Vieira de Almeida in the areas of History, Theory, Criticism and Practice, (de)constructing what the author calls "architectural history of architecture", establishing the analysis of his architectural thinking in permanent dialogue with practice architecture.

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The work program is part of the research area of Cities and Territories and is linked to the research carried out in DC for the multidisciplinarity present in the architect Pedro Vieira de Almeidas, which establishes a deep reflection on the several themes of architecture through the intersection with other disciplines fundamental to the theoretical and critical study of the architecture, and in that sense the whole of his work is a contribution to the architectural culture.

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