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Integrated Researcher

Maria José dos Santos

research interests

Agricultural Economics; Assessment of Agricultural Policies and Rural Development and management of water resources; Analysis of competitiveness of economic sector and efficiency.

Short Bio

Assistant Professor at School of Communication and Media Studies IPL - Lisbon and Researcher at Research Centre on Socioeconomic Change and Territory (DINÂMIA'CET) – ISCTE-IUL. PhD in Economics from the University of Évora and Master in Agricultural Economics. Member from Portugal in the Project for the European Parliament Semi-subsistence farming - value and directions for development. Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Agricultural and Natural Resources Research, Member of the Editorial Board and referee of other scientific indexed journals. She is member of several associations in the agricultural economy field, namely at Brazilian Society of Economics, Management and Sociology Rural - SOBER, among others.

research project at dinâmia'cet-Iscte

It focuses on the field of innovation research as a way to improve the sustainability of resource use to promote sustainable agricultural and sectoral development. My main goal is to contribute to the sectoral level to promote innovation and the sustainable and efficient use of resources (eg in the field of aquaponics) in the promotion of the shortest distribution chains of foods with the lowest carbon content. For this purpose, the attitudes of skodaholders are analyzed; efficiency of resource use is studied through multivariate analysis techniques and econometric models, and its efficient use and sustainability are promoted.

There is a perfect articulation of individual work with the research developed in the D'C. This articulation is based on the one hand in the research already developed and in development as well as in the strategic partnerships in course and that are hoped to create. The individual program has direct impacts on the cities and territories working group by promoting urban agriculture that interferes with its dynamics, as well as the mobilization of social actors and regulation within the group Governance, Economy and Society.

Link to DINÂMIA'CET-IUL identifying mission:


This project reaches direct the main goals and purposes of the DINÂMIA´CET-IUL.

Main publications

Miličić, V., Ragnheidur, T., Hančič M.T., Dos Santos, M., Hančič, M. T. (forthcoming). Commercial aquaponics approaching the European market. Consumers’ perceptions of aquaponics products in Europe. Water.

Dos Santos, M. J. P. L. (2016). Smart cities and urban areas—Aquaponics as innovative urban agriculture. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. (20):402-406.

Fonseca A. M., Diz H., Dos-Santos M. J. P. L. (2016). Crowdfunding as a way to finance investigative journalism in Portugal. Palabra Clave 19(3): 893-918.

Salvioni, C., Papadopoulou, E., Dos Santos, M. (2014). Small Farm Survival in Greece, Italy and Portugal. EuroChoices (1):4-13. Dos Santos, M.J.P. L., (2013). Segmenting Farms in European Union. Agricultural Economics, (59):49-57.

Main projects

National delegate and Portuguese Participant COST-Action FA1305 - The EU Aquaponics Hub - Realising Sustainable Integrated Fish and Vegetable Production for the EU since 27 july 2015. Participant Institutions: 27 Universities/Research Units/Companies/ European Union Member States Institutions (mainly).

"Semi-subsistence farming - value and directions for development".ULP/ISLA, Centre for Rural Economics at Newcastle University, University of Kent, UK (leading institutions) University of Newcastle, UK, University of Gloucestershire, UK, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Warsaw, Poland University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria, Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, ULP (Dos- Santos, M., 2012, Portuguese case study coordinator for the European Parliament). IP/B/AGRI/IC/2012-065

“Comparação da Eficiência de Explorações Agrícolas nos Açores”. Projeto bolsa de pós-doutoramento. Aprovada mas não executado devido a exigência de regime de exclusividade. Fundo Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia dos Açores. FRCT/2010/317/002

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23 de maio de 2023
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